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September 7, 2015

About Black Cab Heritage Tours

We noticed a big problem with travelers visiting London.

Back in 2008, three friends got together for a pint and started discussing ideas.  One thing we all observed was the big gap missing for travelers visiting our city.

Tourists lined up in droves on double decker hop-on-hop-off services and big tour coaches passing through the streets of London, hitting landmark after landmark in a flurry.

Those visitors heard small soundbites of history in-between every stop, and most of their questions got lost in the shuffle with the other 50 passengers.

Even smaller, private car companies delivered a check-the-box service of must-sees in London with limited service. To make the situation worse, those same tourism vehicles could be seen backed-up on the Tower Bridge in gridlock each day.

Why were travellers booking sterile, inflexible, and hectic tours to the main sites? 

Didn’t they know they were missing out learning about our history and seeing our local gems in an efficient and fun way?

One thing these three friends (we’re Rob, Dave, and Josh) all agreed on was:

The best tours in London don’t just visit the landmarks and points of interest, they are the stories, and the characters who tell them. We thought:

“What if we could create a business for guests that honors the best aspects of our city, culture, and our people AND is a high-quality experience?”

A tour can be fun, entertaining, and educational, tailored to meet the needs of every guest.

Imagine if our guests could do and see what they want? And do it their way?

  • A history buff could visit every historical landmark and get all his questions answered, 
  • A professional business couple could try to stump our driver-guide on Harry Potter trivia (which is hard to do by the way) while visiting platform 9 3/4,
  • or a family could explore the Downton Abbey castle without the stress of having limited-time or tied to a specific pick up point.

Alas, Black Cab Heritage Tours was Born.

Our formula was simple:

A professional London Cab Driver/Licensed Tour Guide + A London Black Cab + Outstanding Customer Service


Your Perfect Tour and Transport Experience

We believe a Black taxi tour AND a London Driver Guide are the perfect tour service for our guests because:

In the United Kingdom, a London Cabbie is as a highly regarded and revered profession, unlike many other countries in the world.

Our drivers are almost as famous as the Black Cabs that they drive, due to their in-depth ‘Knowledge’ of London. They can drive passengers to the desired destination taking the fastest and shortest route without any use of GPS or navigation equipment.

It doesn’t matter if you give them a street name, a famous landmark, a hotel name, or famous point of interest, they will know precisely where it is, and they will arrive there using the shortest possible route.

Our drivers must pass the most rigorous test in the world – called The Knowledge” to obtain their license, where the average student takes nearly 4 years to complete. This test has been described as like having an atlas of London implanted into your brain.

Along with their driving skills, all of our drivers are accredited tour guides completing their cab guide course, and many have gone on to complete university degrees in history.

Hence the name Driver Guides = the perfect tourism combination.

We discovered that driver guides actually make the best tour guides because they are natural storytellers and they are passionate about sharing our city. They uphold the best in service and professionalism.

Our taxis are not like your taxis back home.

Classic London Black Taxi Cab

The London Black taxi not only has a unique and distinctive appearance different than any other car in the world, but it is also one of the most recognizable symbols on the streets of our capital city. Taking a ride in one of them can be considered an attraction in itself.

In fact, the London black cab is consistently voted the best taxi in the world, year after year, according to CNN travel and Hotels.com.

The Black Cab has a long and proud history in London as early as the 17th century. Although back then, their original form was a horse-drawn carriage which earned its official name “The Hackney Carriage”, which is still the name used in London today.

Our taxis are clean— impeccably clean and odour-free – similar to a professional car service you would hire to take you to a special event in your country.

We’ve also taken extra steps to ensure COVID safety and UK government approval to run our tours safely. (click here for more details to our Covid safety standards)

Why We Do This Everyday

During our 12 years in this business, we’ve seen a lot of change.

With the growth of GPS systems and ride services like UBER and others, the black cab is starting to lose its standing as “the” only option even in the mighty London.

We have tremendous pride in our city. We believe in preserving this cultural Icon and profession because it delivers on our goal for top-class customer service, not just in transportation, but in tourism too.

Black Cab Heritage Tours is our baby, we’ve watched it grow up to be the largest taxi tour service and the most loved by guests on TripAdvisor.  Not even a pandemic is going to stop us from delivering high-quality tours to our clients. (when we can remain open for our guests of course)

Help us maintain this cultural Icon that brings joy, education, and fun to travellers like you

Our Team

Our founders and customer service team

This is the team that guests consistently tell us – “We make it happen!” 

A proven senior technology leader who has been successfully operating in the financial services industry. Business experience stretches from Retail Read more
With over 20 years of experience in a variety of mainframe and PC languages, I enjoy learning new technologies, but Read more
I am a member of the 'Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers', the City of London and City of Westminster Read more

Our Incredible Driver Guides

Our team of personalities, characters, tourism and transport professionals that love showing their home city to you.

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Your health and safety are our top priorities at Black Cab Heritage Tours. We've implemented the following special measures to keep you safe both during and after your tour:

Private Tours: London Black Cabs have a maximum seating capacity for up to 6 guests in a private setting. This capacity is ideal for couples and small family groups.

Stringent Cleaning: Each guide sanitises their black cab with disinfectant cleaning agents after each tour activity. The passenger area has separately controlled air-conditioning. Driver Guides wash and sanitise their hands on a frequent basis throughout the day. In addition, hand sanitizer is available to all guests.

Social Distancing: A transparent partition screen provides a private passenger compartment, providing a safe space for guests. This exceeds the current 2 metres minimum distance based on UK Government guidelines. Our drivers promote panoramic sightseeing in the safest and cleanest form of London transport. Presentation stops are conducted in quiet open air locations, away from crowded hot spots.