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The Magic of London’s Christmas Lights!

There is nothing like the sparkle of London’s famous Christmas Lights to give our capital city an instant festive makeover! London’s traditional Christmas decorations are normally enjoyed by locals and tourists alike – but will be a staycation experience without the regular inbound tourism this time around. For a bit of history, click here. In[…]

Ghostly goings-on at Hampton Court Palace!

A Haunted Tudor Palace on the bank of the River Thames I had always been attracted to Hampton Court Palace.  Out of all the London Royal Palaces, I had fallen in love with this one – the red brick and beautifully designed chimneys, had caught my imagination.   It’s so different from any other Palace, due[…]

Ding Dong! Big Ben!

Timeless! By London Tour Guide Mark Kelly (join me on my regular travels in my Time Machine to a year in London’s past). The construction of Big Ben Now this was an interesting visit.  Big Ben, or to give it its proper name the Elizabeth Tower was an unusual return to the past for me.[…]

London in the Blitz!

Timeless! By London Tour Guide Mark Kelly (join me on my regular travels to a year in London’s past). This month is the 80th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Britain on the 10th July 1940. ‘The Blitz’, as the bombing campaign was called, started on ‘Black Saturday,’ the 7th September 1940 and continued for 57[…]

Captain Blood steals the Crown Jewels!

Timeless! By London Tour Guide Mark Kelly (join me on my regular travels to a year in London’s past). The Tower of London is an incredible sight, changing little since the 1300’s.   I wanted to return to see it in the past, and in the end I chose the time of Captain Blood, that[…]

BCHT in the Top Ten London Tours!

Trip Advisor rank Black Cab Heritage Tours #9 out of #1,451 Tours in London About change last weekend, as BCHT moved up Trip Advisor’s rankings for a position in elite Top 10! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g186338-d4889491-Reviews-Black_Cab_Heritage_Tours-London_England.html These are proud moments indeed for our team of talented Driver Guides! Our hosts all have their unique brand of delivering classic[…]

Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace!

Timeless! By London Tour Guide Mark Kelly (join me on my regular travels to a year in London’s past). I’ve always loved the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, and thought it would be a great idea to go back to the 1950’s scene. I was enthused about checking out how this world famous[…]

London tours for socially distanced return!

Black Cab Heritage Tours have been extremely busy during the past few weeks – getting ready for a return of tourism after lockdown. It may be some time before our guests arrive from overseas. The UK Government recently announced the current 14-day self-quarantine period will remain in place for inbound tourists. This policy will be[…]

London’s Sporting Heritage

A regular feature by London Tour Guide Rob Woodford Recent talk of ‘Project Restart’ in England’s elite sport has led to a route plan for its ‘socially distanced’ return. London’s sporting heritage of course goes back to time immemorial – but I wonder how many tourists (and even many locals) are aware of an ancient[…]

Timeless! (by London Tour Guide Mark Kelly)

Join me on my weekly travels in my Time Machine as I go back to a year in London’s past. A recent trip took me back to London in 1882, back to see one of the great Wimbledon Tennis finals with defending champion William Renshaw playing his twin brother Ernest.  This was an enthralling  5-set[…]

BCHT and #iwilltravelagain

Black Cab Heritage Tours are proud and privileged to be part of the I Will Travel Again launch. As travel is down across the world as a result of the COVID-19 health crises, many tour operators and their employees are suffering and the activities we all love are at risk. The good news is that[…]

I Will Travel Again!

Let the world know,I will travel again! Activity companies need your help — buy a gift card, change a life. As travel is down across the world as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis, many activity businesses and their employees are suffering. From kayaking to food tours to mountain biking and more, the activities[…]

London Taxis

London’s Black Taxis have a unique and distinctive appearance, as well as a long and proud history, and they are one of the most recognizable symbols on the streets of our capital City – and so and taking a ride in one of them can be considered an attraction in itself. ‘Hackney Carriages’, to give[…]

COVID-19 BCHT Policy Updates

At Black Cab Heritage Tours we place the highest priority on the health and welfare of our customers, team and the wider community. This is particularly the case during the current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. All Tours and Day Excursions scheduled until 30 April 2020 will no longer be going ahead as planned. We shall continue[…]

Trip Tales: Article from Italian magazine in 2019 featuring Black Cab Heritage Tours

By bike or taxi private cab: all the places and experiences to live in London Walking around London gave us the feeling of having already been there. Familiar glimpses, angles already seen, atmospheres with a well-known flavor: in reality it is the deja-vù effect of a city loved by cinema, the news and the chronicles of the rose. It[…]

Business As Usual

Here are  few captures to show the world that London was open for business AS USUAL last week…

2016 Year in Review

Check out our look back at this years’ activity at BCHT.  Tag yourself if you find an image of yourself!   Just a look back at customers' experiences in 2016 Posted by Black Cab Heritage Tours on Friday, December 30, 2016  

The Shakespeare Trail is Here!

Black Cab Heritage Tours’ have teamed up with Zoe Bramley, author of ‘The Shakespeare Trail: A Journey into Shakespeare’s England’ to present a fascinating option for William Shakespeare fans in the 400th anniversary of the great man’s death. Discovery the life and times of one of the world’s greatest playwrights. For more details, check out[…]

2017 Luxury Travel Guide Awards Shortlisting

Black Cab Heritage tours has been honored to make the shortlist for the 2017 Luxury Travel Guide Awards. Making it to this stage is a reward in itself, but the process is still underway to choose the finalists in these travel awards. Benjamin Pugh, the Awards Coordinator, writes:  Basically we have been running the voting process over the[…]

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Your health and safety are our top priorities at Black Cab Heritage Tours. We've implemented the following special measures to keep you safe both during and after your tour:

Private Tours: London Black Cabs have a maximum seating capacity for up to 6 guests in a private setting. This capacity is ideal for couples and small family groups.

Stringent Cleaning: Each guide sanitises their black cab with disinfectant cleaning agents after each tour activity. The passenger area has separately controlled air-conditioning. Driver Guides wash and sanitise their hands on a frequent basis throughout the day. In addition, hand sanitizer is available to all guests.

Social Distancing: A transparent partition screen provides a private passenger compartment, providing a safe space for guests. This exceeds the current 2 metres minimum distance based on UK Government guidelines. Our drivers promote panoramic sightseeing in the safest and cleanest form of London transport. Presentation stops are conducted in quiet open air locations, away from crowded hot spots.