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Dave Cannell

Licensed London Taxi Driver, City of London Guide and Cab Guide

Dave Cannell
BCHT Driver Guide

Since passing the Knowledge of London to become a licensed London Taxi driver, I have also qualified as City of London guide and a London cab Guide. I am also a member of the City of London Guide Lecturers Association.

I am an active member of the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers. This includes participating in the drive to Euro Disney along with around 100 taxi drivers, the police, ambulance, and paramedics along with support staff. For a once in a life time trip for children with severe medical conditions and life threatening conditions. One of my roles within the Company is to be part of the education committee and this includes instructing fellow cab drivers to become guides. I am also a keen supporter of Help for Heroes and English Heritage.

My tours in London start with the highlight or classic tour, showing the main tourist sites and places of interest for our many visitors to London. But saying that I can also offer tours including Harry Potter, Jack the Ripper including the old East end, Greenwich , The London docks, Film locations and then there’s Roman, Medieval and London as the financial district.

As a Black Cab Heritage Guide I also take tours to: Canterbury, Rochester and the Medway Towns (Charles Dickens), Dover and the Cinque ports of Kent. I can also include tours of Windsor, Stonehenge, Oxford and Bath.

14 thoughts on “Dave Cannell

  • “Great way to see London
    What a great 3 hours spent with Dave Cannell of Black Cab Heritage Tours!
    Dave was so knowledgeable and personable that the time flew by. He answered all my questions and stopped in places so that I could take pictures. It’s a much nicer way to learn about the city than listening to a voice over a bus speaker.”

  • “An excellent, well informed entertaining tour of London
    We booked a 4 hour tour of London mainly due to my mother not being up to travelling around London by hop on hop off bus.
    Dave was an excellent guide who ensured that all four of us go to see what we were interested in.
    I would highly recommend Black Cab Heritage Tours”

  • “We were greeted by Dave our driver at the Tower hotel in London. Dave our hosted driver took us to all the historical sites within London. He was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. At the end of our tour Dave even took us to where Harry Potter was filmed, which I took pictures to send home to the USA for my daughter. Dave was very delightful and we couldn’t believe how much history he was able to fill our brains with. If you book the Black cab, ask for Dave. You will not be disappointed, He is the best, made our vacation extra special. Thanks Dave”

  • David gave my husband and I two days of sight seeing in London. He was a great story teller as well as navigator around the climate protesters that invaded Trafalgar Square. He was very accommodating when we wanted to go to the Girl Guide International House and the Abby Road Studios. He even filmed my husband and I walking across the zebra stripes. We went to the royal observatory and David took pictures of my hubby and I kissing across the Prime Meridian. He guided us to some wonder pubs that the locals used and not the touristy one. He made our time in London very enjoyable.

  • Dave was our kind, patient, professional and knowledgeable guide and driver for my husband, daughter and me. My husband uses a wheelchair and he made sure that all the places we visited were accessible. We were with him for most of the day and he had researched and planned a very interesting, intriguing and enjoyable time for all of us. He tailored the tour to suit our interests and I really appreciated the ‘home-work’ he had done on the history of the rag trade in London. Lunch overlooking the river, on a sunny day, with a pint of beer was perfect. Dave has a great way of intertwining the historical aspects and events of London with its modern-day persona. He really brought the city to life for us. Thank you Dave for the wonderful memories.

  • Just to drop a note to say a big THANK YOU to Dave for organising my client’s 2 hours ride which they thoroughly enjoyed last Wednesday!

  • I booked Dave for a birthday treat for my friend, I had a 4 hour tour around London, shown places I did not know exist, Dave has so much knowledge of London & it kept on coming the whole tour was fantastic & so enjoyable, Dave was friendly & helpful, couldn’t have wished for me, my friend loved the day & said it’s the best present she has ever had! I would highly recommend this driver as your tour guide. Thank you Dave, for making mine & my friend’s day so special.

  • Thanks for arranging our tour with Dave and getting us to the Abbey Road crossing, it was fantastic!

  • Had a great 2.5 hour tour of the most significant sights. Our driver, Dave, was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable, giving us historical background on everything we saw, and able to answer all of our questions. As a wheelchair user, I found the experience very convenient; the cab was very easy to get my chair in and out of, and Dave was very helpful. I highly recommend the experience.

  • Thanks for the tour, what a fantastic start to our latest London adventure. Thank you so much!

  • Please let Dave know what a great time we had on the tour with him. Compared with the way things went for us in Paris your London tour was more in-tune with what we were looking for! High fives to you and to David for such a great time, until the next time, God Save the Queen!

  • I booked a Heathrow pick-up and 3 hour tour package and Dave was our guide and driver extraordinaire. I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience, from seeing nearly every neighbourhood to the palaces (even had the Royal Guard parade within a few feet of our car as they headed back to the barracks), seeing the ruins of the Roman Coliseum, reviewing in detail the many statues and history of the guild, and I could go on for many more sentences. Dave was wonderful in every way, and I recommend both Black Cab Heritage and Dave to two friends who will be traveling to London in the coming weeks. Well done gentlemen!

  • We had an absolutely amazing afternoon. Dave is fantastic! The tour exceeded my expectations by far! I’ve worked in London for 20 years and was shown so much that I didn’t even know that’s on my work doorstep!! I would happily hire Dave again and without a doubt recommend him to anyone, thank you for arranging this for us.

  • I booked Dave for a birthday treat for my friend, I had a 4 hour tour around London, shown places I did not know exist, Dave has so much knowledge of London & it kept on coming the whole tour was fantastic & so enjoyable, Dave was friendly helpful, couldn’t have wished for me, my friend loved the day & said its the best present she has ever had, I would highly recommend this driver as your tour guide, thank you Dave for making mine & my friends day so special

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