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Mick Greenwood

Accredited London Tour Guide

Mick Greenwood
BCHT Driver Guide

I’ve been a Tour Guide for 7 years. I’m a qualified City of Westminster Guide and a member of the City of Westminster Guides and Lecturers Association.

I offer a choice of London tours; Royal London, Classic London, Secret London, Beatles in London, Rock’n’Roll London, Harry Potter Film Locations, James Bond Spy Mystery Tours, Downton Abbey Locations, Jack the Ripper and Haunted London.

My Harry Potter Film Locations Tours are not only in London, but in Oxford too – a City that I am really passionate about, so let me show you around!

I can also provide you with a memorable Day Excursion in the English Countryside with a visit to Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath.

8 thoughts on “Mick Greenwood

  • Mick is the Best
    We had a long layover at Heathrow. We even had to claim our luggage. Mike helped us load our luggage in his cab. He took us were ever we wanted. After we were totally exhausted from sleep derivation , seeing London, and eating fish and chips he got us back to the airport and helped us check out baggage and make our next flight.
    Grampa1951, Kansas

  • Perfect way to see London!
    We are only in London for a couple of days. A friend recommended Black Cab Tours for a private and customized guided tour of London. After flying in on the red eye … a Black Cab tour with Mick was the perfect first day excursion in London.
    We told Mick that we had already seen all of the major tourist sites in London and this time we wanted to get a feel for the different neighborhoods and off-the-usual-path places to see. In just four hours he did just that! In addition, we also made a quick detour so we could tell our kids we saw where some Harry Potter movie scenes were filmed!
    We now have a plan for the rest of our short stay here in London – we know exactly the neighborhoods and shops and restaurants we want to visit. We also plan to bring the kids back and show them some of the sites that Mick recommended.
    Mick is a great guide with a lot of knowledge of England – historically and today. Book a Black Cab Tour to be sure you can make the most of your stay in London!

  • It was a good tour of the city
    Mick was affable and did a nice job telling us his stories. It was enjoyable and a nice way to see the city.

  • We love Mick!
    We are from the states and wanted to see the city of London. After previous encounters on TripAdvisor we decided it was only fitting to do a tour. We were fortunate enough to get Mick as our driver. He went well above and beyond what was expected of him and gave us a fabulous tour of London and even threw in some the Harry Potter hotspots. I would highly recommend Mick as a tour driver and hope if you book this tour you get toMick as a driver. Taking the signature black cab was such a treat! We would highly recommend this tour to anyone! Thank you for such a great day!
    RobynN, USA

  • Rain or shine, the tour was amazing!
    Mick was an amazing guide, very knowledgable and an absolute character! It was raining on the day of our tour, but Mick did not let the rain dampen our Beatles themed tour! Very convenient as he dropped my group off near an underground station. Highly recommended! Rob from BHC did a great job to help organise our work trip 🙂 Thanks again!!

  • We had a wonderful cruise and then a lovely day with Mick on our shore excursion. He was on time, knowledgeable and friendly and we loved Windsor Castle. We just wish we could have had more time there, and thank you for arranging a special trip for us.

  • We thought that Mick was great given the heavy rainfall that day, and we would rate his service very highly.

  • A big thank you to you guys, and Mick I can’t thank you enough!

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