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Classic Westminster Tour

Iconic London – a neighbourhood which shaped a nation!


There’s so much history crammed into this one neighbourhood, you’ll be struggling to keep up. From memorials to greats in Westminster Abbey to the heartbeat of British government in Whitehall to the scene of all action, No. 10 Downing Street…this tour is a fast-paced thriller. Highly recommended if you’re hard pressed for time.

Most-photographed, most-recognised and most-loved, every landmark helps you tick off your entire London-essentials list. Buzz of Trafalgar Square, pigeons of National Gallery, elegance of St. James’s Park, to the glamour of Buckingham Palace, it’s a feast all the way. Broad boulevards,  and the vistas long — the perfect backdrop for the pomp and pageantry of royal occasions.  Piccadilly Circus, London Eye, River Thames, Hyde Park, Albert Hall, even Harrods…you’ll forget to look at your phone. We even do 3 UNESCO World Heritage and 2 Tudor Palaces.

Themes vary from British Monarchy’s Royal Palaces to Pomp and Ceremony to UK Parliament and Brexit to Winston Churchill’s Darkest Hour in World War Two. Which will it be for you today?

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2 hours
1 – 6 people per CAB
Includes pick up and drop-off
Available all year round
Offered in English, French
CANCELLATION POLICY – 50% refund up to 5 days before reservation from the time of written confirmation by email – no refund thereafter

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Your health and safety are our top priorities at Black Cab Heritage Tours. We've implemented the following special measures to keep you safe both during and after your tour:

Private Tours: London Black Cabs have a maximum seating capacity for up to 6 guests in a private setting. This capacity is ideal for couples and small family groups.

Stringent Cleaning: Each guide sanitises their black cab with disinfectant cleaning agents after each tour activity. The passenger area has separately controlled air-conditioning. Driver Guides wash and sanitise their hands on a frequent basis throughout the day. In addition, hand sanitizer is available to all guests.

Social Distancing: A transparent partition screen provides a private passenger compartment, providing a safe space for guests. This exceeds the current 2 metres minimum distance based on UK Government guidelines. Our drivers promote panoramic sightseeing in the safest and cleanest form of London transport. Presentation stops are conducted in quiet open air locations, away from crowded hot spots.